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[gn_quote style=”1″]Learn how to revitalise your life with Michael Mulholland, Australia’s pre-eminent practicing osteopath. Michael’s fresh, enlightening and dynamic presentations reveal proven and easy steps to achieving health and happiness. In his entertaining presentations Michael illustrates vital strategies that will not only keep you on your toes, but also provide you with the key to a fulfilling lifestyle.

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Presentation can be tailored to the needs and brief of the client. The aim is to get employees to be more aware and responsible for their bodies so that they can enjoy their work more and be more productive. Research has shown that improving posture and ergonomics improves productivity and reduces absenteeism.

Clients include:

“Work-style” is a part of lifestyle not just a means to an end. Many people go to work believing that their job takes a huge toll on body, mind and spirit, but it “earns them a living”. Five days work to earn two days rest & recreation doesn’t sound like a good return on investment!

No job is ergonomically sound and stress free; therefore we need some Vital Strategies in order to experience more pleasure at work and play.

Vital Lifestyle simply means choosing the healthy habits of winners & achievers.

The baby boomers are predicted to live longer than any other generation, yet the major diseases are on the increase and our children are predicted to die younger!

The Solution

Vital Lifestyle strategies for more pleasure at work and play.

  1. Vital tips for being humans. The lessons that our bodies teach us. Intuitive intelligence from past experience. Being “response-able” for our health and vitality. Remember default mode is function.
  2. Health maintenance requires correction 97% of the time. Set and forget could land us on the rocks. Look, Listen and take Action.
  3. Personal vitality balance sheet. The assets and liabilities to our health. Make an agreement with yourself today. Choose one more asset and drop one liability.
  4. Use it or loose it. What exercise will you do regularly? 30 Minutes, 3-4 times per week, lightly puffing. Balance strength and stability with stretch and mobility.
  5. Inspire yourself! Breathing is the key. Martial-arts meet modern western bio-mechanics. Pull your belly in as you exhale. Repeat this for every 15 minutes of sitting.
  6. Posture is powerful … or not! We can lie with our mouths, but our bodies speak our minds.
    Vital Sitting. Active sitting versus passive sitting. Understanding the biggest cause of back pain.
  7. Hydration 1-2 litres of water daily. Green tea, fresh juices.
  8. Nourishment. Say yes to fruit and vegetables, quality protein, cold pressed extra virgin olive/ macadamia oil, whole/ complex carbohydrates, Anti-oxidants. Say no to fried food, crusty bakery products, simple sugars, processed/refined food, excess alcohol and coffee, carbonated drinks.
  9. Quarterly maintenance schedule for real blokes. From headlights(eyes) to shock absorbers(spouses), don’t forget the spark plugs(testes and prostate)!
  10. Balancing the Adrenalin Factor. “Rest or become restless” – Mr. Curly.

We have all learned much about our own bodies, how they work and what they need. We all get distracted. We all forget. Michael is here to remind you and motivate you!

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