Osteopaths and massage therapists committed to your wellbeing.

Our aim is to deliver excellence in holistic treatment in a comfortable, professional environment. Our team of clinicians have completed the best training available, are government registered and are affiliated with recognised professional associations:

Our osteopaths are members of Osteopathy Australia and Osteopathic International Alliance.

Our massage therapists are members of ATMS.

Our psychologists are members of  Australian Psychologist Society and Australian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies

The whole team is committed to ongoing education and evidence informed, best practice.

Our goal is to be a model multi-disciplinary team MDT clinic where patients are educated as well as treated so that they can participate in self-management as quickly as possible.

We take pride in our clinic to ensure you will feel welcome and comfortable from your very first visit. At our Mosman clinic our Osteopaths specialise in gentle, safe Osteopathy techniques suitable for all ages, including children, pregnant women and the elderly.

During your first osteopathy consultation you will complete a health questionnaire, then the practitioner will talk with you to develop a clear history and review your previous health complaints. A thorough examination will then be undertaken including orthopaedic and neurological tests. The results of this examination will be discussed with you in order to determine the best treatment plan.

At our Osteopathy Clinic in Mosman, our practitioners work hard to ensure that you receive clear and concise information about the treatment programs we offer. All options will be discussed in plain language, and the science underlying the procedures and recommendations clearly explained.

Sometimes other tests may be required during your first few consultations. These can give your Osteopath important information regarding issues that may alter your treatment. If X-rays are required, these can be taken at a location of your choice and are commonly claimable on Medicare.

For professional treatment of Low back pain, Sciatica, Neck pain, Whiplash, Headaches, Migraines, Shoulder pain, Foot and ankle pain, Fluid retention (oedema), , Pregnancy related conditions, Postnatal problems, Scoliosis, Sporting injuries, Sprain or Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), call Vital Lifestyle Centre on 0418 476 216 today.

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