• Osteopath

    Osteopathy is “holistic manual medicine” which emphasises the human body’s ability to regulate and repair itself given optimum structure, nutrition and environmental conditions. Developed by a 19th century American physician, Dr Andrew Taylor Still, osteopathy draws strongly from the relationship between our anatomical structure and our physiological function.

  • Massage

    Massage Therapy
    In most cases clients have an immediate improvement in their range of movement and a decrease in pain. It’s quick and easy and our osteopaths often add it to their other treatments to bring about a deeper release.

  • Prescription Molded Orthotics

    Prescription Molded Orthotics
    With approximately 80% of the population suffering from some form of lower limb bio-mechanical dysfunction, there are a multitude of conditions which can result. Often the root causes of such conditions can be found in excessive pronation of the feet.

  • Exercise Prescription

    Exercise Prescription
    Research has shown that back pain, like other pain syndromes, is less likely to recur in patients that have manual / manipulative therapy and prescriptive exercise together compared with control groups that only underwent manipulative treatment or exercise therapy alone.

  • Conference

    Michael Mulholland-Licht is Australia’s pre-eminent practising osteopath, an experienced educator, public speaker and leader in his field. He is President of the World Osteopathic Health Organisation (WOHO) and past President of the Australia Osteopathic Association.

  • Vital Lifestyle in your Workplace

    Vital Lifestyle in your Workplace
    Learn how to revitalise your life with Michael Mulholland-Licht, Australia’s pre-eminent practicing osteopath. Michael’s fresh, enlightening and dynamic presentations reveal proven and easy steps to achieving health and happiness.

Vital Lifestyle Centre

Are there times when your body lets you know that it needs some help? 
You deserve to get the most out of life and at Vital Lifestyle Centre we can help. Whether you have problems with your feet, muscle or joint pain in the neck, back, limbs, headache or tiredness, fluctuating mood or emotions you don’t need to endure discomfort or distress.

At Vital Lifestyle Centre, we understand the vital relationship between your body’s structure, your nervous and circulatory systems, mood and your total health and wellness.

The Osteopathy, psychology and Massage care that we provide is aimed at restoring balance and function to your whole body and mind, while helping prevent recurrence in order for you to enjoy a Vital Lifestyle.

Often, without you being aware of it, postural and occupational compensations play a role in your discomfort or symptoms and affect your quality of life. Left untreated, this altered function can restrict your mobility, cause further discomfort and even lead to chronic pain and other health complaints. Similarly, avoidance of dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or grief can compound with other symptoms that perpetuate prolonged physical or emotional pain.

A visit to the Vital Lifestyle Centre in Balgowlah could be the answer to finding comfort, freedom, mobility and balance – all of which lead to a better quality of daily life. Don’t suffer silently. Enjoy what you do!

Call Vital Lifestyle Centre on (02) 9907 6387, or visit us at Suite 12/ 318 Sydney Road, Balgowlah and discover your Vital Lifestyle!


Vital Lifestyle Centre

Suite 12/ 318 Sydney Road
Balgowlah, NSW 2093
Phone: (02) 9907 6387

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Back and neck pain
Sports injuries
Foot and ankle pain
Chronic pain management
Stress management and Anxiety
Postural pain including pregnancy