Health InsuranceHealth insurance…. Are you claiming all your entitled benefits for 2015 before you lose them?

Do you know all the benefits that your health fund offers? Do you know what extras, essentials and ancillary cover you have or are entitled to?

Many health fund members don’t realise that their private health insurance includes Osteopathy, orthotics and Massage under “extras” or  “natural therapies”. More importantly, they are unaware that most health funds act on a forfeit system, meaning if you don’t use your benefits for the current calendar year, you lose them! Unused benefits from this year will not be carried over by your health insurance provider at the end of the year. So these benefits are simply lost!

As we are nearing the end of the year it’s now a great time to take advantage of all those unclaimed benefits and make the most of your private health fund premiums that you have paid.  Timely maintenance of your body, mind and emotions throughout the year can prevent having the trouble and expense of a larger problem.

How old are your orthotics?  Have they been reassessed in the past 2 years?  If not you may need assessment.  Most health funds (except BUPA) cover the full cost of prescription orthotics made at our clinic.  We use computer Footscan TM as part of our assessment in order to prescribe the best solution for foot and gait problems.  You may be eligible for a new pair this year.

What do I have to do?

1. Contact Your Health Fund.  Does your plan include Osteopathy, orthotics and Massage benefits, and what is remaining for 2015 per person on your policy?

2. Make an appointment before 24 December 2015 by calling 9907 6387

3. Bring Your Health Fund Card

At the end of your appointment we will process your rebate using your Health Fund Members’ card on the spot with HICAPS so that you only have top pay the gap.  Orthotics can not be claimed using HICAPS, but a printed receipt will allow you to claim the full amount from most funds (except BUPA)

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