beyondblueAs Osteopathy Australia joined the activities of International Osteopathic Healthcare Week (IOHW), 19-25 April 2015 Vital Lifestyle Centre raised over $1,240 in donations to support  beyondblue.  

Thank you to our clinicians who donated a part of their income that week and to our generous patients who also made donations.

Vital Lifestyle Centre is donating a massage gift voucher to Tim Trumbull in appreciation of his generosity for making the largest donation.

IOHW has run for three years now as an initiative of the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA). Michael  Mulholland will retire from the Board of the Osteopathic International Alliance in September 2015 after 6 years as a Director and 2 years a Chairman of the global osteopathy association.  Last year OIA published the first global report on the profession. Link: http: // 

This document provided information for the World Health Organisation (WHO) in developing the WHO’s Traditional & Complimentary Medicine Strategy 2014-2023.

In the past decade Michael has been invited to teach osteopathy at post- graduate programs in Australia, Europe and South America.   As well as teaching he has attended several meetings with WHO in Geneva.

As he retires from the International Osteopathy Board Michael Mulholland also completes a Master of Science in Medicine at University of Sydney to further his specialised practice in chronic pain management.

Anxiety and depression are often associated with chronic pain conditions and supporting beyondblue helps bring awareness and less stigma to these common conditions.  Michael says;

While osteopaths treat the physical body we prescribe Movement and Mental-floss”.  (Mindfulness, Relaxation, Desensitisation, Thought management and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT)

If you have a toothache, you see a dentist.  For an infection you see a doctor.  For back pain you see an osteopath.  We all have mood and emotional troubles from time to time; so having a session with a psychologist should be part of regular health management.  For more information and help with anxiety and depression visit:

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