Osteopathy recognises the relationship between structure and function.   A simple analogy is the garden hose. If it is twisted (distorted structure) it can’t function optimally. Similarly if our human structure is compromised due to posture, injury, emotional, traumatic or lifestyle patterns then our physiology is compromised. Circulation, nerve supply, hormone secretion etc are compromised. So when our body is “tuned well” it performs well!

An osteopath’s role lies in diagnosing and treating the factors that inhibit health thus restoring balance in the body through natural, non-invasive, hands-on techniques.

  • Stretching and releasing connective tissues, e.g. muscles, tendons and fascia that inhibit mobility
  • Strengthening unstable joint through muscle conditioning
  • Enhancing circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Improving nerve supply
  • Educating about diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.
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Vital Lifestyle Centre

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Balgowlah, NSW 2093
Phone: (02) 9907 6387

Osteopath helping people in Sydney, Northbridge, Castlecrag, Belrose West, Mosman, Spit Junction, Cremorne, Seaforth, Balgowlah, Balgowlah Heights, Clontarf, Manly Vale, North Balgowlah, Fairlight, Manly, Manly East, Curl Curl, Harbord, Queenscliff, Dee Why, North Curl Curl, Allambie Heights, Beacon Hill, Brookvale, North Manly, Warringah Mall, Hill Top, Northern Beaches and Sydney’s North Shore. Act now to improve your physical wellbeing.

Back and neck pain
Sports injuries
Foot and ankle pain
Chronic pain management
Stress management and Anxiety
Postural pain including pregnancy